Preparing Students for the Modality

Students are informed of the course modality via the notes section when registering. However, given the unique nature of Dual Modality courses, additional preparation before the semester starts is recommended for Dual Modality students. Dual Modality instructors are provided with sample language/templates to communicate with their students about the modality before the semester starts.

Dual Modality instructors share the following tips to prepare students for success in Dual Modality courses:

Before the semester begins

  • Record a welcome video and include information about the modality.
  • Personalize the provided communication templates to connect with students before the first class.
  • Specify any technical requirements for the course before the first class.

Communication Templates

Expand the accordion to view the communication templates.

On the first day of class

  • Address the modality on the first day of class and encourage students to speak up about issues as they occur.
  • Provide an orientation to the physical classroom so that remote students are familiar with the space and aware of how they are present within it.
  • Include ice-breakers on the first day to try out the technologies. Practice common activities in a low-stakes format.
  • Make it a habit to ask for feedback (and confirmation that video/audio are working), informally throughout each class and more formally throughout the semester at regular intervals through surveys, minute papers, etc.
  • Share your policies about attendance and presence for remote students. Many faculty find it best to require cameras on for remote students.
  • Devote time to intentionally build the community of the class. Have students introduce themselves and engage in an icebreaker. Spending time to build a classroom community will pay dividends throughout the semester!

Devoting time before and at the start of the semester to address the Dual Modality format will allow it to integrate more seamlessly with the course as the semester progresses.


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