What are Dual Modality Courses?

Dual Modality Definition

Dual Modality courses are synchronous courses that in-person and remote students attend together. When students register for a Dual Modality course they can choose to attend class in person or via Zoom for the semester. The instructor teaches from an on-campus classroom.

Students in Dual Modality courses need to decide to attend class in person or remotely when they register. The selection they make at registration will reflect their modality for the entire term. For example, if a student registers to attend a Bee-Flex class in person, they are required to attend in person for the whole semester.

Though they share some similarities with flexible hybrid courses, Dual Modality courses are most aptly categorized as “blended synchronous” or “synchronous hybrid” learning.

Benefits and Challenges

Like any course modality, dual modality courses have benefits and challenges. Click on the titles in the interactive accordion to learn more.



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