Accessibility in Sakai and Panopto

Accessibility in Canvas

Canvas also includes a built-in accessibility checker. Watch the video to learn how to use it.

Adding Captions to Panopto Videos

You likely also use video in your courses. If you host your videos on Panopto, the UBalt video storage site, you can easily add captions to your videos with a few clicks and adjustments. Note that captions generated by AI are not always entirely accurate, so be sure to check the transcripts for errors that may interfere with meaning.


Screenshot showing Panopto video and edit button
1. Navigate to the video in Panopto and click the Edit button.


Screenshot showing Import automatic captions button
2. Click the Captions button then select Import Automatic Captions.


Screenshot showing editing captions
3. Double click caption sections and make edits as needed for accuracy.

How to Add ASR captions to a video on Panopto.

Office of Disability and Access Services

If you need further assistance creating supporting students, please contact the Office of Disability and Access Services.


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