Course Mapping

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Planning is an essential step of any course design or redesign. Course mapping is a key part of the planning process in which we apply backward design and alignment principles to create a plan for the course. 

What is a Course Map?

A course map is an outline or visual representation of your course. In a course map, you specify module outcomes, assessments, assignments, activities, and course materials, ensuring alignment to student learning outcomes.

In addition to ensuring course activities are aligned to the SLOs, creating a course map also helps ensure that course activities and materials appropriately scaffold course content so that learners can improve their skills and knowledge over time. 

Dual Modality Course Map Examples

Explore the course map template and samples. Review at least three sample maps.

Course Map Template & Samples


Before continuing, take a moment to reflect on the sample course maps. Type your answers in the box. If you wish to record your notes, click the Export button to export them to your personal device. 


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