Course Mapping

In the final section of this module, we’ll look more specifically at how to apply backward design and alignment to create a course map. 

What is a Course Map?

A course map is an outline or visual representation of your course. In a course map, you specify module outcomes, assessments, assignments, activities, and course materials, ensuring alignment to student learning outcomes.

Why bother making a course map?

In addition to ensuring course activities are aligned to the SLOs, creating a course map also helps ensure that course activities and materials appropriately scaffold course content so that learners are able to improve their skills and knowledge over time.



Scaffolding is a process of providing support for students to enhance learning and aid in the mastery of learning outcomes.

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Sample Course Maps

Now that we know the importance of course mapping and the steps involved, let’s look at some example course map templates and completed course maps.


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Alignment Templates

The CELTT team has prepared several templates you can use to ensure alignment in your course. Click the buttons below to download each resource for offline use. You can develop your own course map template if you like, but be sure to include the SLOs, activities, and assessments at a minimum.

  • Student Learning Outcomes Template
    • Use this template to develop the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) of your course and ensure they are aligned to UB Learning Goals and consider the assessment of each SLO.
  • Module Learning Outcomes Template
    • Use this template to align your student learning outcomes to the outcomes for each module/week of your course. This process helps ensure proper scaffolding to help your students achieve the SLOs
  • Course Map Template
    • Use this template to create the course map for your course. Consider your modules, learning outcomes, materials, learning experiences, assignments and assessments in this map.


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