Supporting Successful Groups

Now that we’ve considered how to design a group assignment, let’s think about how to ensure groups are successful.

Group Contracts

After designing a robust group assignment, consider how you will support successful groups. It’s important to avoid assuming that students know how to work in groups.

Encouraging, or requiring, students to dedicate time at the beginning of a project to insuring their group will function well can lead to a better experience for all. Having students complete a group contract at the onset of the project can be helpful.

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Tips for Students

In addition to having groups complete a group contract, consider sharing tips for successful group work with students before they begin collaborating. Even if students know how to work in groups, reminders are always helpful. Check out the resources linked below and consider which you might share with students when introducing group work.

Strategies to Support Groupwork

As the instructor, there are several strategies you can use to help support successful group work.

Use the interaction below to learn about each strategy. Click on the bars in the timeline to view more information.

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