Engagement Strategies

Now that we’ve explored the Community of Inquiry and types of presence, let’s consider strategies you can use to build each type of presence and boost engagement.

Student Engagement Strategies

Ensuring that students stay engaged throughout an online or remote course can be challenging, but it’s possible with some planning and strategic action.


Click the Play Button on the Keeping Students Engaged with Digital Learning video to learn six key engagement strategies.





How can I establish, facilitate, and maintain each type of presence to ensure engagement in my course?

Consider how you will foster each type of presence in your course to maintain student engagement. It’s vital to success, especially for online and remote courses. As you’ll see, many of these strategies overlap and support multiple presences, leading to stronger engagement.





Social Presence and Engagement throughout a course

As you could see on the previous screen, creating and sustaining social presence in an online or remote course requires careful planning. Because you and your students will not meet in-person, it’s important to be strategic about social opportunities in the course. Recall that many strategies for social presence will also support teaching and cognitive presence. Click on each bar in the timeline for more information.






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