Tracy L.F. Worley, DM PMP

This version of “Been There, Done That,” which is an effort of the hardworking staff of the Robert L. Bogomolny Library at the University of Baltimore, is based on a print publication of the same name.  Its adaptation as an open educational resource is the natural evolution of the publication and the author/editor and contributors of this text are pleased to make it available to educators state-wide.

We would like to thank Dr. Sally Farley and the University of Baltimore Office of the Helen P. Denit Honors Program for the grant that supported the print publication of this book. We also acknowledge the hard work of Lifestyle Publishing staff and editors. We’d also like to especially thank Dr. Terese Thonus, director of the University of Baltimore Writing Program, and the students of the spring 2020 WRIT 300 MSB enhanced course.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to thank God for blessing each of us with the ability to express ourselves through the written word.