14 Business Memos

The following is a sample business memo that is used across business disciplines. Notice its formatting, the topics covered, and logical, orderly manner in which the information is laid out.



TO: S.B. Brown, Director of Promotions

FROM: H. Carlton, Promotions Assistant

DATE: January 24, 2017

SUBJECT: Spring Production Promotion

Based on current COVID-19 restrictions, we may need to change our approach to promoting the production. Our production schedule has been pushed back to the summer and we need to reprioritize all scheduling. We have concluded that our promotional efforts need to align with state guidance for reopening restaurants and theatres, key venues for our promotional strategy. Even though the majority of our promotions to date have been through social media, it has also become increasingly clear that using a crowdfunding internet tool to communicate with our target audience will broaden our reach and open doors to new opportunities for funding.

Crowdfunding Advertising

BCD Company needs to focus advertising on crowdfunding internet sites. The following sites are listed in order of popularity and priority for implementation:

  • Kickstarter
  • GoFundMe
  • YouCaring

Reprioritizing our efforts from majority social media to equal coverage on crowdfunding sites will more promote our project with the added value of raising funds for production.

By refocusing our promotional efforts we will be able to use social media to push prospects toward our crowdfunding space, get optimum exposure for our production, and target potential  funding opportunities.

Attachments: Crowdfunding Accomplishments, 2015-16