The Purpose of this Handbook

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The CELTT team is very pleased to present the first edition of The Online Teaching Handbook.  This handbook is designed to serve as a primer for instructors new to online teaching at the University of Baltimore and those who have been teaching online for a long time.

Instructors can learn more about topics related to planning the online course, teaching the course online, and accessing resources. Information in this handbook complements in-depth online teaching and learning information found in the Faculty Hub located in Sakai, UBalt’s learning management system (LMS).

Special Note

This handbook cannot capture all that you need to know about online teaching and learning, so we strongly encourage you to contact the CELTT team at with questions or concerns. 


The CELTT Team

Partners with you, Committed to your success 

Damon Baker

Dontae Davis

Cathleen O’Neal

Josh Kollin

Olivia Pollard

Clarisse Wells

Dr. Constance Harris, Director of Online Learning

John Chapin, Executive Director




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