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University of Baltimore Teaching Resources


The Fall 2020 Faculty Teaching Guide [restricted link] can be found on SharePoint.
Faculty Resources provided by the Provost office include information about the faculty senate, as well as links to the Faculty HandbookUBalt policies and University System of Maryland policies.
The Robert L. Bogomolny Library houses a sizable collection of books on teaching learning. Check out the full list.
The Syllabus TemplateSyllabus Addendum and Syllabus Repository can be found on SharePoint. The Repository contains syllabi organized by college/school and term.
The Faculty Teams Site serves as a place to connect with colleagues and share ideas and resources.

Resources on Pedagogical Excellence

Universal Design is a framework for teaching and learning. This site provides guidance on how to apply the framework.
This Writing Learning Outcomes Worksheet guides users through the process of writing learning outcomes.
Assessing Online Facilitation Instrument can be used as a self-assessment of your facilitation in an online course. Review it before your course begins to keep important managerial, social, pedagogical, and technical tasks in mind.
The Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network has published a series of eight succinct Essays on Teaching Excellence.
The Teaching Professor blog features entries on topics such as the scholarship of teaching and learning, classroom policies, active learning, assignment strategies, assessment, and student performance.

Online Teaching

The Online Course Mapping Guide takes users through an interactive process of course mapping from start to finish.
Eberly Center’s Using Group Projects Effectively provides best practices on online group work, including design, group composition, facilitation, and assessment.
This Effective Education Videos guide from Vanderbilt shares important considerations and tips for videos in online courses.
Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository contains numerous resources for best practices in online teaching and learning.
The Cult of Pedagogy EdTech Guide is a user-friendly guide to educational technology. Email celtt@ubalt.edu to receive the coupon code to access this resource for free.

Equity and Accessibility

These National Center on Disability and Access to Education cheat sheets provide handy how-to guides for creating accessible content in Microsoft Office and Adobe products. Also included are guides for creating accessible web content.


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