Chapter 1 – Business Leadership and Communications

Ask yourself the following question:

  1. What is business communication?
    1. Memos
    2. Reports
    3. Clear sending and receiving of messages
    4. Email
    5. All of the above

Business communication includes memos, reports, sending and receiving messages (text, instant messaging), email, and so much more. Depending on your discipline, you may also encounter contracts, proposals, and other business genre. As future business leaders, you should be aware of the discourse (the vocabulary, theĀ  common goals, the communication) of your business community.

In the chapters of this book, you will find guidance and advice for effective business communication — that is, communication from and within your discourse community. We will define discourse community and the conventions associated with business communication. You will be tested on your knowledge, and given the opportunity to practice developing text.

Let’s begin this journey with leadership.


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