8 Effective communication

Tantamount to good business writing is effective communication. However, effective communication is more than just stringing together the right words. Spoken communication also consists of good listening skills and watching non-verbal cues. Written communication should present a connection with the reader – not only should it contain correct grammar and factual accuracy, but it should employ language that would not be deemed offensive to the reader. This is language I like to call competency-based. The terminology is innocuous, it is not inflammatory, and it is not designed to lather a crowd into a frenzy.


Read this essay from Chron, “Effective Business Communication Writing” by Lisa Nielsen, and note her tips on knowing your audience and making your writing reader-friendly.

Questions to consider:

  • What is one possible affect of not knowing your audience?
  • What are some of the formats, or genres, used in your chosen discourse community?
  • Why should you develop an outline before you write? How can your outline make your essay reader-friendly?


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