Appendix A: Diagram of Western Musical Notation

Kristin Conlin

Name Symbol Duration May also look like: Comments
Whole note whole note 4
Dotted half note dotted half note 3
Half note half note 2
Dotted quarter note dotted quarter note 1.5
Quarter note Western musical notation quarter note 1
Dotted eighth (8th) note Western musical notation dotted eighth note 0.75 dotted eighth note and sixteenth note Dotted 8th note + 16th note
Eighth note (8th) Western musical notation eighth note 0.5 Western musical notation two eighth notes Two 8th notes
Triplet eighth (8th) note Triplet Eighth Note alternate representation .33333 three triplet eighth notes Three triplet 8th notes
Sixteenth (16th) note Western musical notation 0.25 four sixteenth notes Four 16th notes
Thirty-second (32nd) note Western musical notation 0.125 four thirty second notes Four 32nd notes


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