Gestalt Course Map

Directions for Use

Use the templates in each chapter to build the course map for your course. In the course map, you will sequence your learning outcomes into modules/weeks and specify your course materials, learning experiences, and assignments/assessments. This map will help guide you as you develop and build the modules of your course.

Refer to the “Intro to the contact cycle” chapter for a complete module map. All other modules/chapters include outlines and reading lists only.


Student Learning Outcomes (Course Learning Outcomes)

  1. Identify Gestalt values/philosophy
  2. Describe the “contact cycle” process
  3. Identify and differentiate “disturbances to contact”
  4. Devise solutions to “disturbances to contact” through role playing and analyzing case examples
  5. Reflect on the impact of applying Gestalt concepts by responding to weekly journal prompts



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