6 Free research

Once you acquire a source that you determine is authoritative and trustworthy on your research topic, you may use that source to acquire other sources.  This becomes “free research”.  The authoritative and trustworthy source cites sources which creates a thread of other authoritative and trustworthy sources.

Note: Don’t trust any source blindly, poke around and be aware of bias and agenda within each source you chose to use.

Deconstruct a Source to Find Additional Sources Types

Below is an example of how to deconstruct a source to find additional sources AND source types. This is one source type (a chart) was created by compiling several different types of sources (vaccine donation reporting, population data, financial data). The chart also reveals additional source types by navigating around the source’s citations (trainings, case studies, efficacy reports, presentations, and studies) By investigating the sources connected to the chart, you find many additional sources that are vetted by the chart creator and are connected to your topic of research = Free research

Click on the purple “i” icons on the image to see how to expand your understanding of how a source is created and how to track down free research.

The chart above was created by combining vaccine donation reporting, population data, and financial data (GDP).  What does this combined information tell us about vaccine donations? What priorities does the chart illustrate_

  1. about the countries in the chart?
  2. about the organization that gathered the data and created the chart?


How does the chart reflect the priorities of the global community around COVID-19 vaccines?  What assumptions or inferences does a person make when they see the chart?  What information is missing from this chart that would help you better understand the message of the chart?


After examining the chart and reflecting on the questions about the chart and it’s sources, you responses create a framework to discuss the source and a facet of the conversation within the global health community around COVID-19 vaccines.  Try something similar with your own research and sources using the step by step example below:

Deconstruct a Source to Find Additional Resources

Use the phases in this research example to walk you through your own source deconstruction.  By breaking apart the source and then searching the components, you acquire more sources.  *** This format is not ideal. . ..


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