H5P activities list

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62Course Design ReflectionEssay
63Course Map SamplesCourse Presentation
64Types of PresenceImage Hotspots
65Signs of Student EngagementImage Hotspots
66Assessing Online FacilitationIframe Embedder
67Student Engagement ReflectionEssay
68Discussions and the Community of InquiryImage Hotspots
69Bloom's TaxonomyImage Hotspots
70Discussion ReflectionEssay
71Facilitating DiscussionsAccordion
72Engaging Students in DiscussionsImage Hotspots
73Rudine Sims Bishop’s “Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors”Interactive Video
74Our Culture Our Schools Culturally Responsive EducationInteractive Video
75Eight Competencies for Culturally Responsive TeachingImage Hotspots
76Student DemographicsCourse Presentation
77Reflection 1.2Essay
78Reflection 1.3Essay
79Faculty and Students by Ethnicity 2020Course Presentation
80Reflection 2.1Essay
81Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Responsive TeachingAccordion
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